Hybe, Please Hire Me

Today I got a Google Alert about an article in www.allkpop.com and it’s been making me giddy all day. I haven’t been a KPop fan for too long, I probably started with a bit of Twice some time last year and IU a few years back, but I have to admit that I became a full on KPop fan when I started listening to BTS.

I tweeted two things about my BTS Bias, Taehyung, over the weekend. V became my bias mainly because I love his fashion style and I absolutely love the way he moves when they dance their choreos.

The other tweet was a photo from my recent trip (something I was blogging about before I got this alert), which reminded me of one of V’s songs, “Sweet Night“.

It was a pleasant surprise to be included in allkpop’s list and this has gotten me giddy for the past few hours. Ever since I’ve gotten into KPop, I’ve been studying their music business models and various marketing campaigns, basically geeking out and astonished by how successful they’ve been, that I’ve started dreaming of working in KPop labels. Could this please be my entry into the business?

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been writing about a recent trip until I got the Google Alert. I’ve got a few more KPop related posts in the works as well so stay tuned, please. Salud!

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