Lagen Island Resort

My family recently flew to Palawan as one of my parents’ treats for mine and my brother’s birthday. Minus all the sand bugs, it was pretty fun. It was a great break away from the city and the perfect time to reset my mind.

I’m also pretty sunburnt cause I had forgotten to re-apply sunscreen. Haha.

Gotta do an OOTD before getting on the plane
My “Later Days, Manila” Post
Kayaking frustrated my brother cause he did most of the work haha
Me in my natural element
We went for a hike that they said would be EASY, but as you can see by my sweat, it was not.
Always my favorite time of day
Another photo in my natural element
Sunsets will forever be my favorite view

El Nido has Travel Bubble packages which makes it feel safe to travel. Everyone in the island that we stayed in were the same people who rode the flight with us and were required to take an RT PCR Test at least 48 hours before departure from Manila. They also fly from their own hanger, so you don’t have to go to NAIA and wait with everyone else.

Though it does make it feel safe, everyone was still cautious and maintained proper social distancing and followed protocols. We were only allowed to use the gym on the island by reservation and only with the people from our own bubble. Even usage of the pool was by reservation.

This was the second time my family availed of El Nido’s Travel Bubble and it’s definitely worth it.

I’m hoping to be able to write more, but I’m not too confident about my writing. It’s been years, so I promise I’ll try a bit better. Laters!

I Choose A Life With No Regrets

“Are you willing to take a leap of faith, or become an old man filled with regret, waiting to die alone?”

Inception, 2010

I guess there have been a few things eating me up lately to the point that I had to cry myself to sleep or spend a day in and out of crying. But for some miracle, I woke up one day and decided to live a life without regrets. So here I am, trying my best to do that.

I don’t know when or what exactly came over me, but I realized that the only thing stopping me to live a full and happy life was myself so I made a choice. I’m about to take a leap of faith and I can’t freaking wait to see what’s on the other side.

Emerging markets may be about to change the superstar business

This is something I’ve been looking into and researching on for the past couple of months. Glad to see someone with the same thoughts!

Music Industry Blog

The traditional recorded music business was all about selling units, which naturally meant that the most important markets were not the most populous but the wealthiest. Throughout the late 20thcentury this created a ‘global’ market that was dominated by North America, Europe and a few others. This is why (among other political reasons) Japan became the biggest Asian music market, rather than China.

Today’s music business is different. Streaming (particularly via ad-supported and bundles) can monetise large-scale audiences in lower per-capita GDP markets. Suddenly population size matters, and emerging markets become the world’s largest addressable music audience. The emerging markets opportunity has the western music and investment sectors salivating, but there is another layer many have missed: this shift is going to change how western record labels operate, not least by challenging the very notion of the global superstars which they trade in.

Anglo repertoire’s traditional dominance


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Hybe, Please Hire Me

Today I got a Google Alert about an article in and it’s been making me giddy all day. I haven’t been a KPop fan for too long, I probably started with a bit of Twice some time last year and IU a few years back, but I have to admit that I became a full on KPop fan when I started listening to BTS.

I tweeted two things about my BTS Bias, Taehyung, over the weekend. V became my bias mainly because I love his fashion style and I absolutely love the way he moves when they dance their choreos.

The other tweet was a photo from my recent trip (something I was blogging about before I got this alert), which reminded me of one of V’s songs, “Sweet Night“.

It was a pleasant surprise to be included in allkpop’s list and this has gotten me giddy for the past few hours. Ever since I’ve gotten into KPop, I’ve been studying their music business models and various marketing campaigns, basically geeking out and astonished by how successful they’ve been, that I’ve started dreaming of working in KPop labels. Could this please be my entry into the business?

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been writing about a recent trip until I got the Google Alert. I’ve got a few more KPop related posts in the works as well so stay tuned, please. Salud!