I like food, travel and other random things. My name is Nicole.

Created in June 2019, I finally decided to start blogging again decades after my days of LiveJournal and Tumblr. I am currently based in Madrid and doing my post graduate program in Digital Marketing. I’m still working as a consultant for various artists in Manila and remain to be the Artist Solutions Director over at Homonym. Kim Taehyung is my bias 😉

Random Thoughts

Adventures and Misadventures: My Life in Madrid So Far

¡Hola amigos! It’s been quite a journey since I packed my bags and embarked on an exciting adventure in Madrid back in September 2022. Living in this vibrant city has been a rollercoaster ride filled with challenges, laughter, and lots of memorable moments. Join me as I share my experiences of adjusting to life in…

Proof of Life # 3 (or is it # 4?)

It’s been awhile. And by that, I mean, wow why am I still paying for this account? But okay, part of my goal this year was to be more active in this blog and I really will. Life in Madrid has been great, yet the past few days have been so-so and I guess I…

Proof of Life

I have approximate a month and seven days before the move to Spain and here I am, frustratedly sitting in isolation, feeling like I’m wasting so much time I could spend with family and friends, cleaning up, packing, running errands, basically preparing for this move. That’s all.


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