I like food, travel and other random things. My name is Nicole.

Created in June 2019, I finally decided to start blogging again decades after my days of LiveJournal and Tumblr. I am currently based in Madrid and doing my post graduate program in Digital Marketing. I’m still working as a consultant for various artists in Manila and remain to be the Artist Solutions Director over at Homonym. Kim Taehyung is my bias 😉

Random Thoughts

Proof of Life

I have approximate a month and seven days before the move to Spain and here I am, frustratedly sitting in isolation, feeling like I’m wasting so much time I could spend with family and friends, cleaning up, packing, running errands, basically preparing for this move. That’s all.

People need to know how to distinguish “friend” and “acquaintance”. There’s a big difference between someone you’ve hung out with a couple of times and someone who was just introduced to you and you’ve had no conversations with.

Proof of Life

It’s been awhile. I haven’t been super busy, but I haven’t found the drive to write anything either. I started this blog with a lot of ideas, but I ended up not using it much. I guess I should update it soon, but for now, this is my proof of life.


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