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I like taking photos of my shoes.

I like food, travel and other random things.

Created in June 2019, I’ve finally decided to start blogging again decades after my days in LiveJournal and Tumblr. I’m currently an artist manager, event producer and the PR & marketing girl for Red Ninja Production and Homonym. Kim Taehyung is my bias 😉

Random Thoughts

Proof of Life

I have approximate a month and seven days before the move to Spain and here I am, frustratedly sitting in isolation, feeling like I’m wasting so much time I could spend with family and friends, cleaning up, packing, running errands, basically preparing for this move. That’s all.

People need to know how to distinguish “friend” and “acquaintance”. There’s a big difference between someone you’ve hung out with a couple of times and someone who was just introduced to you and you’ve had no conversations with.

Proof of Life

It’s been awhile. I haven’t been super busy, but I haven’t found the drive to write anything either. I started this blog with a lot of ideas, but I ended up not using it much. I guess I should update it soon, but for now, this is my proof of life.


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