The Lonely and Great God

One of my absolute favorite scenes from the show
Photo grabbed from Asia One

I’ve been debating on what my first official blog post should be, and since I believe in signs, I’m going with a K-Drama review on Goblin.

The sign was through a song. I put my music on shuffle as I got ready for my day and the theme song for Goblin randomly played. Honestly, I’m a pretty young K-Drama fan, but I do believe that “Stay With Me” by CHANYEOL feat Punch is one of the most iconic soundtracks in K-Drama. The first note of the song automatically makes my mind play the scene in the photo above, followed by a montage of my different scenes from the show.

Before I continue, I also would like to point out another song from the show, “Round and Round” by HEIZE and Han Suji, which I think is the actual song for the opening credits. Beautifully sung, it really sets the mood for the show. Its soundtrack as a whole, is actually worth a listen.

The drama, simply put, is about a Goblin waiting for his Bride. I’ve never done a review before so let me figure out how to do this.

The show’s casting was on point. The chemistry between the characters were absolutely perfect. I can’t imagine anyone else but Dong Wook play the Grim Reaper.

Every character showed growth, one way or another. Everybody (somehow) had a happy ending after having to go through some hardships throughout the show.

One of Kim Go Eun’s cutest moments
Photo grabbed from

The show somehow got me hooked, despite not being a fan of Kim Go Eun at that time. Every episode left me hanging that I found myself watching one episode after another, only to realize that it’s already 2 am and I had to wake up for work in a few hours. The story line was simple, but will get you attached to certain characters that you’ll find yourself rooting for all of them.

Although the show had a few mythical creatures as their main characters, they somehow made them relatable to us mere humans, which I personally enjoyed. It talked about fate and the after life, which might make you want to Google about how Korean Culture views the after life.

All in all, I’d give this a 4.5/5 and would highly recommend for people who want to start watching K-Drama. It’s definitely the show that will get you hooked.

I promise to get better at my next k-drama reviews. I hope you somehow enjoyed my first review and stay tuned for my next ones. Salud!

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